Cloud GPS Management Solution

Our cloud management GPS solutions include; Instant GPS Fleet Tracking, Interactive Route Reply, Geofence Settings, Activity Reports, Activity Alerts, Remote Cut-Off Feature and is tracked by SMS, APP and the web.


T Track
3G Vehicle GPS Tracker


3G Ultra-long Standby Vehicle


Mini GPS Tracker

3G Vehicle GPS Tracker

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GPS+AGPS+LBS Positioning

Allow the location to be pinponinted periodically or real time.

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Remote Cut-off (Petrol/Power)

Compel the vehicle to stop by breaking off the fuel connection.

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Tamper Alerts

Be notified of any unauthorized changes from the original installation.

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IP65 Dust and Water Proof

Water-resistant to ensure stable operation in tough environment.

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Use 3G network (outstanding coverage, no 2G worries).

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ACC Detection for Ignition Status

Be aware of the ignition status when needed.

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Multiple Alarms

Instant alert for vibration, over speed, power off, geo-fence.

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Configurable tracking modes

Location uploaded following fixed distance, time interval, preset cornering.

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Vehicle Tracking

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Motor Tracking

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Bus Tracking