Your one stop security shop

Security Alarms

We offer a wide variety of commercial and residential security alarm solutions to ensure the safety of your home and/or office. We provide both wired and wireless alarm solutions and offer comprehensive 24/7 monitoring services that can initiate a security response as soon as a security anomaly is detected.

Access Control Management

We offer an array of access control management services, from automatic doors to gate turnstiles to biometrics.

Closed Circuit TV

We offer a wide variety of closed circuit TV solutions to fit a range of security needs. We commit to working with you through every stage of the selection and installation process. Our CCTVs are designed for security surveillance in wide variety of commercial, residential and industrial settings.

GPS Tracking

We offer a wide range of GPS Tracking solutions that can be utilized in a variety of contexts. Our GPS services are ideal for the car service owner who is looking to monitor their fleet or parent or guardian that wants to keep track of their loved ones.


We offer a comprehensive range of locksmithing services for your home, business or automobile to ensure that your valuables are kept safe.