Closed Circuit TV

Here at Digital Access we believe in Honesty, Integrity, and Action. We give just that with our dynamic range of information which we advise to you with each custom plan we make. Whether you would like an Analog or an IP Camera system, One building or Multi, or even Industrial Complexes we can bring your plan to life to provide top tier security at local prices. Give us a call and let us help you secure your (bold)(italic)anything(italic)(bold) now.

From fixed and high speed IP cameras to thermal imaging cameras, we offer solutions for any environment, any lighting condition and any application. We provide comprehensive hosting services and offer monthly data storage plans to ensure that your data is protected and that it can be easily accessed even if your NVR is stolen. Our hosting services allow you to view video in real time from a web browser as well as your mobile device. We want to ensure that you have seamless access to all of your closed circuit devices.


Anlg cctv002

Analog simply means "hard-wired", the wire being coaxial.
Specializing in repair and/or upgrade many previously structured systems we specialize in "modernizing" any security systems to technical standards. Offering a wide variety and an unbeat precision matrix we've developed different ways to set these security systems up in a wide array of facilities to provide an even wider array of features and support.



Digital Access can make your IP Camera system run like a dream. IP Camera here means, a camera that runs off of Internet Protocol, which simply means, it can be either powered manually or over Ethernet allowing for simpler application and use which makes it great for Business and Industrial sites. The IP camera's we use have different features and styles, so we like to adjust our systems to our customer's needs and concerns, but please feel free to ask any questions you have when we speak or when we meet for our Site Survey service.

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